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Special Education Programs

Located at all school sites.
 Located at Chenowith Elementary, The Dalles Middle School and The Dalles High School. 
Located at Wahtonka campus.

The purpose of the Long Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) program is to broaden the scope and ability of North Wasco County School District to meet the diverse individual needs of all of its students.

The students served by this program have a variety of therapeutic and educational needs.  The program serves students who require schooling in a protected environment in order to protect the health and safety of themselves (and/or others) and allow the mental health treatment process to extend into the school day.

The program works with mental health providers with a goal of integrating treatment plan information into the educational environment.

The program must encompass all aspects of the student’s life and close coordination of the education and treatment plans is essential.

The program works with designated SAT teams from each individual school, as well as partnering agencies and organizations, to facilitate successful transition back to the assigned school whenever possible.

Located at Wahtonka campus.
This program is offered to students who graduated from a N. Wasco County school with a Modified or Extended diploma or an Alternative Certificate.  In Transition 21 we will be working on life, career and recreational skills to prepare you for life beyond school. Here are some of the activities that we may be doing:
  • Money management skills
  • Resume writing
  • Food handler’s card preparation
  • Driver’s education preparation
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Geocaching
  • Interview skills
  • How to use public transportation
  • Fitness Classes
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Community Safety
  • Career exploration