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Attendance Areas & Walk Zones

Attendance Boundaries for Chenowith Elementary:

West of Walnut Street; Browns Creek Road; Hwy 30 West; Rowena; 7-Mile; Mosier area

Attendance Boundaries for Colonel Wright Elementary:

West of Kelly Avenue/Washington Street to Walnut Street; Skyline Rd; Mill Creek Rd; Cherry Heights Road; Sandlin Road; Lutz Lane; Wahtonka Road

Attendance Boundaries for Dry Hollow Elementary:

East of Kelly Avenue to downtown; East of Washington Street; Columbia View Heights; Esther Way; East 18th Street; East 19th Street; East 20th Street; East 21st Street; Dry Hollow Road; Olney Road; Dry Hollow Lane, Upper & Lower 3-Mile; Steele Road; 5-Mile Road; Pleasant Ridge

School Bus
Home addresses that fall inside of these boundaries are considered to be in the “walk” zone. Students who live in the “walk” zone may not receive transportation unless their route to school would take them through a hazard zone. 
If you are uncertain about the availability of bus transportation for a given residential property, please contact the Transportation Department at 541-506-3430.