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District Reports



The Oregon Department of Education produces yearly reports for schools and districts.

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Division 22 Standards


Each year, districts report to their community on their compliance with all Division 22 Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools by making a presentation to the local School Board as set forth in OAR 581-022-2305: District Assurances of Compliance with Public School Standards. After districts have made their report at the local level, they then submit their assurances to the Oregon Department of Education. This annual practice is one way we publicly commit to providing a high-quality educational experience for students in our care. It provides an opportunity for school districts to demonstrate compliance with rigorous standards, reflect on areas in need of attention and alignment, and plan for how to address them. As part of our shared responsibility to provide quality service for our students and communities, this system promotes reciprocal accountability between school districts and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).


By completing the assurances process, school districts are certifying:

    • First, that the school district presented its annual Division 22 Report to the local School Board in a public meeting by November 1st and the School Board acknowledged receipt of the annual Division 22 Report.
    • Second, that the district posted its annual Division 22 Report on the school district's website by November 1st.
    • Third, that the school district indicated compliance or non-compliance with each of the Division 22 Standards in effect for the 2022-2023 school year by November 15th. 
The North Wasco County School District's Community Report was given on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 at the Regular School Board meeting. 
Please click on the links below to review North Wasco County School District's Division 22 Standards for Public Elementary & Secondary Schools - Assurances Report as presented to the school board.

District Action Plans: