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Budget Committee Members

Please find below information about North Wasco County School District 21's Budget Committee.  For additional information, please contact us at 541-506-3420. 


Budget Committee Members


The District Budget Committee, which meets to examine the entire budget, is made up of the seven members of the North Wasco County School District Board of Directors along with seven citizens appointed by the Board.



North Wasco County SD 21 Budget Committee Members include:


School Board Members:

  • Adrian Lopez
  • Dawn Rasmussen 
  • John Nelson
  • Brian Stevens 
  • Jose Aparicio 
  • David Jones
  • Judy Richardson


Community Members:

  • Liset Mendoza (Term expires 2024)
  • Jared Sawyer (Term expires 2023)
  • Lucille Begay (Term expires 2024)
  • Christa Rude (Term expires 2021)
  • John Grant (Term expires 2022)
  • Jon Farquharson (Term expires 2022)
  • Molly Rogers (Term expires 2023)


Budget Committee Elections


The Budget Committee has fourteen members: the seven elected School Board members and seven citizens appointed to three-year terms by the Board.  Budget Committee Members are appointed by open vote of the School Board, as openings occur.  Citizens who would like to apply for an open position on the District's Budget Committee must reside within the school district boundaries and be a registered voter.  




The Budget Committee normally meets once or twice during the budget process, with the Public Hearing on the budget held during a regular School Board Meeting in June.