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Our Team

Our school bus operators are the first contact many students may have each morning and the last contact they may have each afternoon with our schools.  Our goal is to make that experience a safe, positive and caring one for all students.
In order to receive a School Bus Driver Certificate issued by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), candidates must meet very specific requirements established by federal and state laws.  All of our school bus operators are selected based on clean driving records and a strong desire to have a positive impact on students.  Prior to training, candidates must first pass four written tests at the DMV, pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) Commercial Driver License (CDL), physical and drug test, and pass a national background check.  Once they have successfully completed all these requirements, they are then trained and tested by highly skilled professionals, who themselves have received hundreds of hours of instruction.  Initial "BEHIND THE WHEEL TRAINING" for a school bus operator can last anywhere from three to five weeks.  In addition, each new school bus operator is required to have a minimum of eight ODE-recognized classroom hours of training on important issues such as defensive driving and student management. We encourage you to get to know your student's school bus operator.  They have an ever-increasing, challenging (although rewarding) role in our community; a smile or a friendly "good morning" from students and parents goes a long way.