TDHS Culinary Class Comes to Competitive Close

The battleground was set with two mouthwatering contests: the Fresh Made Pasta Competition for the Soups, Sauces, and Pastas class, and the Cake Competition for the Baking - Cakes and Chocolate class, both part of the school's advanced culinary program led by Crystal Haggard under the Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings.

Throughout the week, students diligently honed their culinary prowess acquired this trimester, experimenting with flavors, perfecting techniques, and unleashing their creativity to craft culinary masterpieces to dazzle a group of honorary judges.

In the Pasta Competition, Arnulfo Rivas-Oregel Flores and Luciano Alvarado emerged victorious with their innovative take on penne with vodka sauce—sans vodka. Instead, the duo substituted balsamic vinegar for a spin on the classic dish, infusing their dish with a delightful twist that left taste buds singing praises.  Other dishes featured pesto sauces, cajun blends, and cream sauces, all with handmade pasta’s - fettuccine, raviolis, bowties and gnocchi.

The next day, it was the bakers time to shine in the Cake Competition. The judges had their work cut out for them with an abundance of mouthwatering flavors, including lemon blueberry, angel food, and even a vegan chocolate pretzel.  In the end, it was the Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Cake, created by the dynamic team of Daysha Baker, Zachary Carr, Zachary Rector, Mahayla Robinson-Angeles, Dana Sanchez Barajas, and Isabella May Sanducci, stole the show with its harmonious blend of flavors and impeccable presentation.

With spatulas held high and aprons proudly donned, these students have proven that they are the future culinary stars to watch out for, ready to take on any culinary challenge that comes their way. Congratulations to the winners and all our student participants for a truly delectable display of talent and passion!