TDHS Student receives Youth of the Year Honor

"Mayet is an incredible force for good. It is rare to find someone as dedicated to bringing joy and magic to the world around them, just because they want to," her teacher remarks.

Mayet exemplifies the spirit of giving back and has been an active member of our community throughout her high school years. Not only is she the Executive head of our entire student body, but she also serves as the head of the Student Life Department at TDHS. In this role, she leads a team of individuals who directly impact our school's culture.

Her tireless efforts in volunteering and leading various student-led projects have significantly contributed to the betterment of both our community and The Dalles High School. Notably, Mayet played a pivotal role in organizing our Giving Tree initiative this year, which provided invaluable support to numerous families across all local public elementary schools. Additionally, she has been instrumental in bridging community opportunities with our student body through her involvement with the Associated Student Body (ASB).

Mayet's professionalism, thoughtfulness, and dedication to service have left a profound impact on all those she interacts with, both within our school and the broader community.

As Mayet prepares to graduate this year, we are filled with both pride and gratitude for the light she has brought to our school and community. While she will be greatly missed, we have no doubt that she will continue to spread joy and make a difference wherever she goes.

Please join us in congratulating Mayet Winwood on this well-deserved recognition.