One to One Student Chromebooks

There is no associated cost for the device to our families. Devices are owned by the school district and will be "checked out" just like a textbook, and "checked in" prior to summer vacation. Families may still be liable for the loss or theft of a borrowed device.  


Chromebooks will be managed by our media staff at each school library with the exception of The Dalles High School and Innovations Academy.  Devices at TDHS and Innovations Academy will be managed by the main office.


When will my student receive their device:

  • Elementary Schools: Students will be issued a device during the first week. Students in grades K-3 will keep their device at school. Third graders may begin taking their device home during Spring Trimester to prepare them for the next school year.
  • The Dalles Middle School: Devices will be distributed during the first week of school during homeroom.
  • The Dalles High School: Devices will be distributed during the first week of school through the career center.
  • Innovations Academy: Devices will be distributed on August 29th.

What if my student's device is damaged or broken?


The good news is that Chromebooks were designed with student lifestyle in mind: i.e shuffling to and from school, accidental bumps, and drops, etc.  If a device does become damaged, please have your student turn their Chromebook into their school library.  At TDHS and Innovations Academy this will be the main office. They will be issued a loaner device while theirs is repaired or replaced. Do not take your Chromebook to a third-party vendor to have it repaired.


What if my student forgets their device at home?

The Chromebook will become an integral part of a student's classroom instruction and it is important that they bring their Chromebooks to class every day.  Specific procedures and expectations will vary from school to school with a limited amount of loaner devices available for student use.  Students should report a forgotten device to their teacher at the beginning of class.  


Do you need assistance with Internet access?

A limited number of internet hot spots are available to check out for educational purposes through the district. If you would like to check out a hotspot please contact your student's school.



Questions? Any Chromebook questions or troubleshooting should be directed to your student’s school media staff located in the school library or the main office for students at TDHS or Innovations Academy.