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"NEW" First Book Literacy Program - Coming to Wasco County this fall!

child reading

Announcing “NEW” First Book literacy program!  Coming to Wasco County Fall 2019

First Book is a nationwide nonprofit organization with a simple mission: to provide new books to children in need addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy-access to books. 

The book grant recipients choose the books that the children in their program will read, enjoy, and want to share with their family. 70% of children are from low income families.

Children bring books to their home encouraging reading to be an important family value.

Build positive relationships by reading together. Reading books allow children to explore the world, visit new places, exercise one’s mind, use one’s imagination, plan for one’s future, and learn about how to treat others with kindness and respect.

Some of the books received by children are read and then passed onto to others in the family and other children in the community. Literacy programs and schools will have access to a multitude of literacy resources through First Book national office.


Through the First Book Marketplace in Washington D.C. new high quality, desirable books can be ordered for only an average of $3 a book.


For more information on this NEW Literacy Wasco County program call Nancy Johanson Paul at 541 490-5330 or