• Addressing the School Board:

    Public Comments procedures when meetings are held electronically:
    The Board will only accept written public comment for scheduled school board meetings when held electronically. The Board is committed to the public comment process and will consider all public comment seriously.  Public Comments for virtual meetings will continue to follow School Board Policy BDDH - Public Participation in Board Meetings and BDDH-AR
    Public Comments should be sent to
    • publiccomments@nwasco.k12.or.us; or
    • Send via US Mail to North Wasco County School District 21 ATTN: Public Comments, 3632 West 10th Street, The Dalles, Oregon 97058
    • Clearly label the subject line as: “Public comment” and include the topic. Example: “Public Comment: Assessment. ”


    Approved written public comments will be included in the School Board Agenda under the Public Comment section and may be read aloud as determined by the Board Chair.  For regularly scheduled School Board Meetings, a submission deadline will be announced of when public comments will be accepted.  Public comments submitted after the announced deadline will be included in the next Regular School Board Meeting agenda.

    Public Comments procedures when meetings are in person:
    Citizens may bring their issues to the attention of the School Board during Regular School Board meetings.  Board Work Sessions provide an opportunity for Board members to discuss district business outside of the regular business meeting.
    Members of the community who wish to speak before the School Board should sign up before the meeting starts. A sign-up sheet can be found at the entrance of each meeting. Please add your name to the sign-up sheet.

    At the Meeting and Addressing the Board

    • When the Board is ready to take comments or testimony, the Chairperson will refer to the sign-up sheet and call out names in the order that they appear.
    • When your name is called, please limit your testimony or comments to three minutes.
    • Well-organized information is most effective.
    • Please be respectful of all speakers.
    • To avoid repetitions, feel free to simply state that you agree with a previous speaker.
    • Be ready to respond to questions from the board if asked.