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    Getting Started

    Volunteering in our District is as easy as 1,2,3!

    Step 1: Fill out the Volunteer Paperwork

    Fill out the following Volunteer Application and Criminal History Verification forms. 
    Return these forms to any of our main school offices or send to the District Office at 3632 West 10th Street, The Dalles.
    Volunteer Application (Revised 4/2021)
    Volunteer Application - Spanish (Revised 4/2021)
    Criminal History Verification (Revised 8/2021) - English
    Criminal History Verification (Revised 5/2015) - Spanish

    If you are wishing to volunteer in a position that might involve you working with children when a staff member is not present, you will need to successfully pass a fingerprint background check. Please contact Jessica Reyes at the District Office, 3632 West 10th Street, by phone at 541.506.3420, ext. 1000 or email at reyesj@nwasco.k12.or.us.
    Step 2: Find a Volunteer Opportunity

    Check our Volunteer Opportunities page, or contact the school or program in which you wish to volunteer and ask how you can help.

    The teacher or secretary will check to assure that your background check has been completed and that you have been added to our list of approved volunteers.

    If you need help getting plugged in or have a question about your volunteer status, please contact Jessica Reyes at 541-506-3420 ext. 1000 or by email at reyesj@nwasco.k12.or.us

    Step 3: Get Oriented

    You can perform an online orientation by reviewing the following materials. Once you have reviewed the Volunteer Handbook, please sign and return the Volunteer Expectations form located at the end of the Volunteer Handbook to Jessica Reyes at the District Office (3632 West 10th St in The Dalles.)
    Volunteer Handbook, Expectations & Agreement (Revised 1/24/2020) 

    Volunteer Handbook, Expectations & Agreement - (Spanish Revised 7/8/2016)


    For additional information or further assistance, please contact the school principal at the school for which you wish to volunteer.