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    Posted by Webmaster on 3/20/2017


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    Merrit Hearing


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    One of my favorite memories from DHS is when our junior class protested the outcome of the cheering contest at the end of spirit week. We had obviously won but were denied. Slowly at first, then in groups, we took to the stage and peacefully protested the outcome. When we were the hearty victors the next year we celebrated loudly and with tremendous pride. We are proud, we are free; we are the class of '73.



    I am a retired walking mailman of 30 years (and 65,000 miles)in Portland, the last 27 on the same route. When I retired I was interviewed on the radio and for TV news. I helped raise 4 kids from my first marriage, 3 daughters and a son. I remarried in 2011 to a woman I had dated when I was 21. Last year I published a book about dealing with the death of my son at the age of 16. The book is about learning about myself and my God and my relationship to Him. It is titled "Lessons From a Son's Life...and Death," and is available on Amazon. I love to eat popcorn, make lists, and spend huge amounts of time listening to many types of music. My wife and I love to karaoke as much as possible. I love keeping up with (and making new) friends from high school.

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