At North Wasco
    County School District,
    Improving Student Acheivement is our primary goal and focus.
    For the past two years, North Wasco County School District has been a leader in the community-wide SANCTUARY MOVEMENT in The Dalles. The SANCTUARY MOVEMENT is a collaborative effort to adopt the Sanctuary Model as developed by Dr. Sandra Bloom across the full spectrum of social services and the community as a whole. Through the SANCTUARY MOVEMENT and the adoption of the Sanctuary Model we are developing a common understanding of the ways in which trauma, chronic stress, and adversity affect brain development, individual behavior(s), and students' capacity to learn. The Sanctuary Model provides a universal approach to organizational culture change and strategies to mitigate the damaging effects of traumatic stress.
    For more information about the SANCTUARY MOVEMENT,
    or to join our efforts,
    please contact Trudy Townsend at