• North Wasco Virtual Academy (NWVA) provides a personalized and rigorous academic experience.  
    Our learning plans support full time or part time education options, meeting your academic interests and needs.
    We provide a local connection to online learning and face
    to face support for our students. 
    North Wasco Virtual Academy Offers:
    • 100's of free accredited courses instructed by highly qualified teachers.
    • Home school support and enrichment programs.
    • Mastery based learning for accelerated learners.
    • Full time, part time, and dual enrollment options.
    • Honors and advance placement courses.
    • Weekly meet-ups and tutoring sessions.  


    Important Links:
    Grades: K - 5 Login K12  
      Grades: 6 - 12 Login Fuel Education     or    Bb
    Teacher Login:  peak

  •  Upcoming Events:
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    • 8/14/2017  NWVA Office Open 
  • NWVA Contacts:  

    Want more info? Send us an e-mail or give us a call:
    NWVA Registrar:
    Rebecca Anderson 541-506-3410 x3003

    NWVA Coordinator:
    541-506-3410 x3004

    NWVA Teacher: 
    541-506-3410 x3303

    NWVA Fax: 541-296-2358