• P-3 stands for Pre-Natal to 3rd Grade.  Locally, we've adopted the term P-3 as the name of an initiative that has developed a strong collaboration between early childhood professionals and K-12 education.  Together, these educators are exploring the continuum of learning that spans the traditional boundaries of Pre-School and the early grades (K-3). 
    In February 2011, Mid Columbia Children's Council and North Wasco County School District launched the P-3 Initiative with a kick-off event called "Connecting the Dots."  At this event, early learning professionals and K-3 educators came together to learn about the nation-wide efforts in P-3 and to identify commonalities in teaching strategies. 
    In May 2011, Mid Columbia Children's Council hosted a day-long training event titled "Bridging the Gaps."  This event boasted nationally recognized experts in P-3 and provided a solid base of knowledge.    Then, in November 2011, North Wasco County School District convened a community meeting to form a solid P-3 Workgroup.  This group meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:15 AM.  If you would like to join this group, please send an e-mail to Trudy Townsend at townsendt@nwasco.k12.or.us