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    House Bill 3499 directs the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to develop and implement a statewide education plan for English Language Learners who are in our K-12 education system. The plan will address disparities experienced by English Language Learners in every indicator of academic success, from the historical practices leading to disproportionate outcomes for the students to the educational needs of the students from K-12 education, by examining and applying culturally appropriate best practices.

    North Wasco County School District has created an EL Outcome Advisory Committee to report annually to the Oregon Department of Education on the District's English language learner programs, identify areas that are working well, identify areas that are in need of support and targeted assistance and report funds received and how they were spent. 


    For additional information on the Oregon Department of Education's English Learner Strategic Plan as required by House Bill 3499 - please click here.