During the 2017 school year, North Wasco County School District Board of Directors held community focused workshops to create short- and long-term plans for improving, adding or replacing schools to meet the current and future needs of the community.  
    Workshops were scheduled for December, January, February and March (at least once per month).   Please click here for the Long Range Facilities Planning calendar and documents.
    The NWC School Board along with District staff and community members participated in this exciting opportunity to be part of creating a vision of how North Wasco County School District will serve our students and community in the near and distant future.  Starting out with a thoughtful plan in place makes sequential decisions along the way support the overall Vision, Goals and Objectives.  From this process, the 2017 Pre-Bond Facility Plan was created - please click here to download and review. 

    The overall planning process included:


    • Guiding Principles: Establish the vision, goals and objectives against which planning decisions and choices can be determined.


    • Existing Conditions:  Review the existing conditions of North Wasco County Schools to create a baseline understanding of the physical needs.


    • Contemporary Teaching & Learning:  Review result-based research on how kids learn and how schools can support effective learning.


    • Enrollment and Population Trends:  Review existing demographic or newly commissioned population studies that can project future enrollment.


    • Options, Alternatives & Opportunities:  Based upon the data and analysis, the process will engage participants in workshop exercises to consider options, suggest alternatives and leverage opportunities for meeting the short-and long-term needs of North Wasco County School District.


    • Capital Improvements and Budgeting:  Good plans address the needs of the students and the funding available to provide the capital improvement. Preliminary budget models created using up-to-date budget information will be overlaid to create a comprehensive Facility Plan with needs and budgets.  


    Richard Higgins, AIA, LEED® AP BD+C, BLRB Architects, faciliated the North Wasco County School District's Long Range Facilities Planning Process.  Please click here to view Mr. Higgins and the BLRB Architectural Firm's experience, philosophy, values, and expertise.
    For questions about the Long Range Facilities Planning workshops and how to participate, please contact Cindy Miller, 541-506-3420 or email at millerc@nwasco.k12.or.us.