• Yearbooks can be purchased through the main office. Contact Maribel Sandoval at 541-506-3449 ext. 2011 or sandovalm@nwasco.k12.or.us for more information.

     If you have high-quality photographs or information please send them to yearbook@nwasco.k12.or.us 

         The Yearbook is put together by a group of students. They meet once a week for a planning session, then spend time throughout the week on their projects. Students complete their own research, interviews, photography, copywriting, and page layout. Not only does Yearbook give them these marketable skills, they also learn time management, scheduling, working individually and with a group. They must adhere to deadlines and practice speaking and writing skills.

    If you are interested in joining the yearbook staff, please contact the advisor - Erich Dorzab at dorzabe@nwasco.k12.or.us