There's a very strong correlation between good attendance and success in school. On the other hand, students who regularly miss school are also more likely to struggle in school.

    If your student is ill and/or has a valid excuse for the absence, please contact Dona Jacob at 541-506-3449 ext. 2009 or tdhs-attendance@nwasco.k12.or.us,  the morning of the absence.  If no call and/or message is received within 24 hours of the absence, the attendance must be recorded as un-excused.

    Acceptable excuses as set forth by the Oregon State Department of Education are:

    1. Illness - student is ill and unable to attend
    2. Illness of family member - family needs student's help at home, etc.
    3. Family emergency
    4. School absence - field trips, prior permission to miss one class for another, group or counseling sessions, athletics, etc.
    5. Other religious holiday
    6. Mental health related needs
    7. Pre-arranged - This is ANYTHING pre-arranged where the student will be missing the entire school day.  For example, medical and dental appointments, vacations, etc.  The student will pick up an Advance Absence Request in the attendance office which requires teacher's signatures.  Teachers can provide homework assignments on this form.

    A student who has been absent for any reason is encouraged to make up specific assignments missed and/or to complete additional in-depth study assigned by the teacher.  Parents should contact Dona Jacob to request homework assignments for students who will be absent several days.
    If your student must leave school during the day, a note or call from parent to The Attendance Office is required.  Please indicate date and time of release.
    If a student becomes ill at school, they must receive permission from their teacher to go to the Attendance Office.  A determination of illness will be made and a call from staff to parents will initiate the release of the student.

    Students in the halls after class begins are considered TARDY and need to stop at the Attendance Office for an admit slip.  If a student arrives to class between one and 15 minutes late, they will be considered tardy.  If the student brings in a note from parent and/or phone or e-mail message from parent with valid excuse, they will receive an excused note to class.
    Students with excessive un-excused tardies will serve detention (lunch and/or after school), as determined by Administration.  It is the responsibility of the student, with administrator present, to communicate detention day and time to parent