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Bond Planning

In early 2022 North Wasco County School District created a Community Bond Planning Advisory group to help prepare and inform a potential bond measure in May of 2023.

The Community Bond Development Committee will meet to discuss the school district’s safety and educational needs, as well as help, identify and prioritize capital improvement projects. As a community-driven process, this committee is made up of school staff, parents, and community and business partners. 


Committee Dates:
  • June 1st at The Dalles Middle School
  • September 21st at The Wahtonka Campus
  • October 19th at The Dalles High School
all meetings are from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Meet our Community Bond Development Committee members:


D21 Team Members  

Dr. Carolyn Bernal, NWCSD Superintendent

Kara Flath, NWCSD CFO

Jose Aparicio, NWCSD Board of Directors

Doug Rice, NWCSD Facilities

Kurt Evans, NWCSD TDHS Principal

Amy Hampton, NWCSD Student Services Director

Sandra Harris, NWCSD HR Director

Billy Brost, NWCSD Athletic Director

Phil Williams, NWCSD TDHS VP

Stephanie Bowen, NWCSD Communications Director

Ajay Rundell, NWCSD Chenowith Elementary Principal

David Jones, NWCSD Board of Directors


Parent/Community Representatives  

Robbie Denning, Community at Large

Michael Held, Community at Large

Serena Smith, Community at Large

Daniel Spatz, Community at Large

John Grant, Community at Large

Diana Bailey, Community at Large

Linda Skov, Retired Teacher

Debi Ferrer, Retired Teacher

Terry B. Armentrout, Community at Large

Eleanor Lemann, Parent

Michael Springston, Parent

Dana Journey, Parent

William Pielli, Parent

Jared Gosson, Parent

David Ortega, Parent

Rachael Brown, Parent

Marie Mourou, Parent

Matthew Chaisson, Parent

Alan Easling, Parent

Corey Case, Parent

Ryan LeBreton, Parent

Lamont Crichton-Tuanai, Parent

Kristi Timmons, Parent

Anthony W Pereira, Parent

Courtney Judah, Parent

Jennifer Gunter, Parent

Greg Cummings, Parent


Student Representatives  

Sophia Lewis


Community Partners  

Marta Cronin, Columbia Gorge Community College

Rich Mays, Mayor City of The Dalles

Jill Amery, Wasco County Representative

Davina Craig, Education Foundation Representative

Pat Sublette, Columbia Gorge ESD

Lucille Begay , CGESD - Native Americans of The Dalles Community

Silvestre Deras, McClaskey Orchards

Megan Thompson, The Dalles Chamber/Cascade Cherry Growers

Carrie Pippinich, MCEDD

Andrea Flores, Juntos

Rachael Carter, Parks and Recreation Board Member

Scott McKay, MCSS

Melissa Hollister, Union Leadership 

Mindy Claussen, Union Leadership


Design Team  

Alec Holser, Opsis Architecture

Steven Nelsen, Opsis Architecture

Liz Manser, Opsis Architecture

Bryce Tolene, Opsis Architecture


Pre-Bond Planning Timeline: Milestone Schedule:
(updated 9.7.22)
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