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D21 has some exciting news! We have launched a NEW School option for students. This school brings together pre-existing programs and new programs and has turned them into pathways to graduation based on student interests, skills and future goals. 

From our fully-virtual program to Riverbend to in-person coursework aligned to college programs, we are excited to welcome students at any point in their academic journey.

We recognize that our students are all unique and learn, grow, and flourish in different ways – there is no ‘one way’ to success!

All our pathways meet Oregon Diploma requirements AND prepare students for college, career, and future "real-life adulting".

All pathways are aligned to college classes, and students may take CGCC courses when they are eligible.


Program Pathways:


Liberal Arts - 6th - 12th Grades - In-Person and/or Hybrid learning – this is a general education pathway. This pathway will align with transfer degree programs at the community college level. 


The Guild -  6th - 12th Grades - In-Person and/or Hybrid learning – this is a CTE-focused program. This pathway will align with A.A.S. programs and certificates at the community college level and help students to develop skills in a trade or career of their choosing.


Riverbend - 9th-12th Grades - In-Person and/or Hybrid learning - Project-Based Learning focused program. Students on this pathway will plan for entrance to a four-year university or into a career of interest. The focus is liberal arts in nature, and student choice in projects is nurtured and supported.


M.A.P. Virtual (Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose) – This is a comprehensive - fully online option from Kindergarten through Diploma. This pathway is a fully virtual program with live streaming sessions with the teacher, but all academic lessons are asynchronous with support and access to certified teachers in all areas.


Workforce Ready- Diploma Completion Options for Off-Track or Out-of-Sequence Students – This is targeted at students ages 16-21 who are off-track for graduating on time, where they can find support and flexibility to complete their diploma and prepare for adulthood and successful start once they are done.


Home School High School - Diploma Completion Options for Home School students coming to D21 directly from at least two full, consecutive terms registered with the ESD or in a charter school. Students complete their diploma via CGCC classes in a dual-credit format.
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