• Fitness Center Installation

    Posted by Jillian McNeal on 9/22/2014 2:35:00 PM
    Last Wednesday, after weeks of preparation, we broke ground on the Wahtonka Community School Fitness Center.  Two of our students, Carissa and Alexis, decided that they wanted to create an area where members of the community can come work out and get physically fit.  After coming up with a plan and presenting their idea, we got the go-ahead and the students all worked together to dig the holes, pour the concrete, and completely assemble the exercise equipment.

    Here are some photos of the kids working hard to achieve their goal.
    Fitness Center
    Fitness Center
    Fitness Center
    Fitness Center
    More pictures will follow when we get to the next stage.
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  • Welcome to WCS

    Posted by Brian Goodwin on 9/3/2014 6:40:00 AM
    WCS Logo

    Welcome to the Wahtonka Community School Project Blog!  We will be posting periodically to let the community know what our students are working on.

    Here is an excerpt from the letter that was recently mailed to all WCS families:
    We are nearly two months into our first year, and it has been an exciting ride. The staff and students have developed a culture at our school that is supportive, encouraging and demanding. I am so proud of the students that have chosen to spend their time here with us, and to think about what they have accomplished so far. We have almost 50 students, and well over 100 projects in progress from these students that each ties in national or state standards to real world application, while at the same time serving our community.
    What is in our future?
    We have many things planned for our school, and for your son or daughter:
    • We will be talking with our students in the next few weeks about internships (for example working with construction trades locally) and the availability of college classes, with a focus on Writing, Karate-do and Welding courses.
    • Chenowith Elementary School and the High Needs program for high school students are returning to school, and we have held meetings with both staff groups. Our students have told us that they want to tie in their learning with the students in these programs, and we have received many great ideas from them about ways to start.
    • The students have voted on our mascot and school colors.  We are the WCS Wizards and our colors are purple and teal.  The students are still in the process of designing our school logo, but when the design is finalized we will have WCS t-shirts printed.
    • In September, we so far have plans to hear from OSU Extension/Wasco County 4-H about their wanting to offer our students courses in robotics, staff from HAVEN to facilitate discussions with students about issues of class, race, privilege, and healthy relationships, MCCOG staff to help instruct students in employment skills (resume writing, interview skills, etc.), and much more.
    • In November, we will shift our farming operation to a greenhouse donated by a local orchardist for our use. We will be starting seedlings for our future farm site behind the old Westgate Market, where it is our aim to install 150+ 4 by 12 foot raised beds.
    • We expect to see our Maker Lab continue to add more tools, equipment and supplies. Our students and volunteers have also made it a goal to make 5 shop tables – the second of which is almost done.
    • In December, we will be taking a crew to the winter Place Based Education Northwest gathering at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, where they will be sharing their projects and ideas with students from the region that learn by doing.
    • Next summer we are planning to host a teacher training workshop, where our students will teach public school teachers how to tie in student interests, community mentors and community needs to learning.

    How can I help out at the school?

    If you, or somebody you know, likes to work with teens, and has a skill to share, please contact us. It might be working in a shop, painting, sculpting, performing music, dance choreography, helping us to run our community library, or most anything else.  Our aim is to tie in your child’s learning with as much real world experience as possible – the more people from our community can give of their time and talents, the more real the learning. An hour once a week, or two hours a day or anything in between...



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