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    Oregon Educators Benefit Board
    The Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) is the source for our district's medical, pharmacy, vision and dental benefits, provided by Moda Health, along with our life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and our long term disability insurance, provided by Standard Insurance. Additionally, we have optional benefits available through OEBB for additional life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance (available for both the employee and their dependents) through Standard Insurance and long term care for employees and dependents through UNUM.
    The following links will provide you with more information:
    OEBB Website 
    OEBB Member Enrollment Website
    Moda Health Website for Members
    Provider search, information about your plan and claims, prescription drug search and much, much more
    Open enrollment begins on August 15, 2020 and ends on September 10, 2020.  Please have your enrollments completed by September 9, 2020 in order to facilitate the correct out of pocket deduction on your September 21, 2020 paycheck. 

    OEBB has webinars available with more information about their benefits and the open enrollment process.  You can access these here:



    Additionally, there is also an OEBB webpage specifically for new hires available here:


    2020-2021 OEBB New Hire Information



    The OEBB website (www.OEBBinfo.com) is now updated to guide members to the many Open Enrollment resources available to them. A few items are still in progress and marked “coming soon” as we continue working on them, but you should easily find links to:


    • OEBB’s webinar schedule and registration links
    • The “on demand” videos and handouts used in the webinars
    • The OEBB Open Enrollment Benefit Guide booklet (an interactive online version as well as a printer-friendly PDF)
    • Log in to the MyOEBB enrollment site

    … and more!


     The following plans will be available for the 2020-2021 year:
    Medical Plans:
    Moda Medical Plan 5 Connexus Network
    Dental Plans:
    Moda Delta Dental Premium Network Plan 1
    Moda Delta Dental Premier Network Plan 5 
    Moda Delta Dental Exclusive PPO Plan 
    Willamette Dental

    2020-2021 OEBB Dental Plan Summary Comparison


    Vision Plans:
    Moda Plan Opal
    Moda Plan Pearl
    VSP Choice Plus Plan 
    VSP Choice Plan 

    2020-2021 OEBB Vision Plan Summary Comparison

    To search for providers and see which network they belong to, please go to the My Moda website :
    Out of pocket costs for available plans will be:
    For those staff members who have other qualified group coverage, we are pleased to offer a contribution toward an HRA VEBA account ($4,251.00 annually for 2020-2021) plus $355 per month paid toward dental and vision coverage. 
    Standard Insurance Company
    Standard Insurance Company
    Certificates of Coverage
    UNUM Long Term Care
    For those of our employees who may have duplicate medical coverage with the District or through another family member, we offer an alternative benefit of a health savings account. Please contact our office for further information, or visit the website:

    HRA VEBA Enrollment

     American Fidelity logo

    American Fidelity Assurance
    American Fidelity Assurance handles our Section 125 plan for us. A Section 125 plan allows employees to be able to pay certain insurance premiums pre-tax, and to set aside some monies pre-tax to pay for anticipated, allowable medical expenses or for dependent care expenses. They also are able to offer our employees another source for short term disability and life insurance, and accident and cancer insurance not offered by OEBB. You can find more information and forms at their website.
    Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
    You may use the access code in the above brochure to find more information at the following website:
    We have partnered with Diversified Benefit Services, Inc. to handle our HRA benefit for our active staff starting October 1, 2020.  In order to participate, you must be enrolled in Moda Medical Plan 5.  You may enroll electronically or you may fill out the pdf enrollment form and turn it into the District office for input.  We would encourage you to also complete the direct deposit authorization to facilitate the more timely receipt of your benefit dollars.
    Plan enrollment forms, direct deposit authorizations and claim forms (both electronic and pdf) may be found on the following link.

     Beginning immediately, all OEBB/school clients can submit HRA claims solely with Explanation of Benefit forms (EOBs) from Moda.  In other words, members no longer need to submit an accompanying HRA claim form.  This will make the claims submission process so much simpler for everyone.  Members can submit their EOBs via mail, email or fax,

       Website:     DBSbenefits.com
         Fax:            (262) 367-5938
       Mail:       Diversified Benefits Services, P.O. Box 260, Hartland, WI 53029


    ·         Questions?  Call toll free at 800-234-1229.



    With this simplification, the biggest factor to emphasize to all participants: they need to submit ALL EOBs, so that Diversified Benefit Services can be sure to have all details tracking under their accounts.  There may not be a reimbursement, but having the detail tracking makes for simpler explanation later on should a question come up.


    HRA CLAIMS FOR 2019-2020 



    To view your claim information, please set up an account for yourself as follows:

    Nuesynergy Website


    Click Log In then Member LOGIN.  For 1st time users click Register.


    Once at the registration page simply follow the instruction provided.  Two pieces of important information needed:


     ·         Registration ID/Employer ID:  IBA3424 (Click drop down arrow at Registration ID and select Employer ID)

                                     ·        Employee ID:  Last Six (6) Digits of the Participant’s SSN


    Everything thing else is straight forward when completing the registration.


    Once an account has been created, future logins will be via the Registered User link located under the same drop-down menu under the EMPLOYEE LOGIN.  The User ID and Password used will be what the participant created when creating their account initially.




    When participant’s login they will be able to see the tracking of their deductible under the deductible tracking account.  For the 2019-2020 plan year, once the participant has met the first $400 of the MODA Plan 5 deductible, the HRA will start to reimburse 75% of the submitted EOB charges applied toward the MODA deductible.  We are tracking each and every EOB, so please reaffirm with participants to be sure to submit each EOB they receive.  This way we will have accurate tracking for each participant.