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    Thank you to our students, parents, and community partners as North Wasco works to navigate the changing educational climate we find ourselves in. We understand that the current environment we live in is extremely challenging and stressful for everyone and we appreciate your continuing support.

    On Tuesday, March 31st the Oregon Department of Education released significant changes to their guidance for how public schools across the state are to deliver instruction. The new directive has shifted away from “supplemental instruction” only to “Distance Learning for All.”

    The new directive is for schools to have Distance Learning for all in place by Monday, April 13th.  North Wasco County School District is committed to meeting this challenge and we will work to find ways to maintain an educational pathway for every student during this critical time. We value the importance of learning and social connection. Student to educator relationships are vital and will help ensure care, connection, and continuity of learning for our staff and our students. We are in this together.

    Our goal is to reach every North Wasco County School District student with an opportunity to have a quality educational experience through the remainder of the school year. Starting with the high school, each school is sending out an update to students and parents. At the high school all courses will be delivered via Google Classroom.  Classwork will be graded for credit as it would in a traditional classroom setting. Right now teachers are reaching out to students and will be working with them to help eliminate any barriers they may have to accessing and participating in the courses.

    We will keep you informed as we rise to meet this new challenge! Stay home and stay well!



    Candy Armstrong


    Condado Escolar de North Wasco- Primero de Abril, 2020

    Mientras el Condado de North Wasco navega los cambios educacionales y el clima en que nos encontramos, les damos las gracias a nuestros estudiantes, padres y miembros de la comunidad. Entendemos que la situación en la que estamos viviendo es extremadamente difícil y estresante para todos y apreciamos su apoyo continuo.

    El martes 31 de marzo, el departamento de educación de Oregon dio información de cambios significantes en sus guías sobre como las escuelas públicas a través del estado deberán de ofrecer instrucción. La nueva directiva es que las escuelas establezcan aprendizaje a distancia para el lunes 13 de abril. El condado escolar de North Wasco esta comprometido a cumplir esta meta difícil y trabajaremos para encontrar la manera de mantener una vía de aprendizaje para cada estudiante durante estos tiempos críticos. Valoramos la importancia de la conexión social y de aprendizaje. La relación entre estudiantes y maestros es vital y ayuda a cuidar la conexión, y el continuo aprendizaje de nuestro personal y estudiantes. Estamos en esto juntos.

    Nuestra meta es poder ofrecer a cada estudiante del condado escolar de North Wasco la oportunidad de tener una experiencia educativa de calidad por el resto del año escolar. Comenzando con la High School, cada escuela esta mandando actualizaciones a sus estudiantes y padres. Todos los cursos de la High School serán ofrecidos por medio de “Google Classroom”. El trabajo de las clases será calificado con créditos como seria tradicionalmente en el salón. En este momento los maestros están comunicándose con estudiantes y estarán trabajando con ellos para eliminar cualquier barrera de acceso a los cursos.

    Los mantendremos informados mientras se buscan maneras de cumplir con estos requisitos. Quédese en casa y manténgase con salud!



    Candy Armstrong, Superintendente             


    Dear TDHS Students and Families

    I hope you are safe and well in this frustrating and difficult situation that we are all experiencing.  Beginning April 1st, TDHS staff will begin reaching out to students and families in order to deliver supplemental instruction.  This will look different for each of your student’s classes, but essentially teachers will be sending out work weekly through emails or other virtual learning platforms such as Google Classroom.  This will be supplemental instruction and is not intended to replace what would normally occur in a traditional classroom setting. Instead it will provide guided instructional activities that support students and families during this extended school closure.

    The primary method for student-teacher communication during this time will be through our school email system.  Therefore, it is imperative that every student is able to log into their school email account. (If students have forgotten their school account login information, they can email  by sending their full name, birthdate and last three digits of their student ID number.  They should receive a reply within 24 hours on weekdays).

    Students in need of a computer to access this supplemental instruction, can also email  and request the loan of a Chromebook.  Please state what you need and give us a contact phone number and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Listed below are the TDHS staff emails.  If you have not already made contact with your 3rd-trimester teachers, you can start the process of contacting them through their school emails. You can view your 3rd-trimester schedule in the Powerschool app.

    The high school and all other district facilities are closed until April 29th to students and to the public or unless we are told otherwise.

    Stay safe and healthy!



    Kurt Evans



    SAT Testing previously scheduled at The Dalles High School has been canceled.  The Dalles High School does not have the ability to reschedule SAT testing or refund test fees.  Please contact the College Board directly to reschedule your test or to request a refund.


    TDHS Science Department

    "Physics In Action"

    Videos from our teachers and students in our intro to physics classes here at TDHS.


    Physics 1          Physics 2



    Riverhawk Pride on Display


    Thanks to Paula Long and our Graphic Arts students, our logo is now proudly displayed

    on the Mid-Columbia Fire Rescue bucket truck!  How cool is that? 


    Class of 2020 Senior Sunrise

    Class of 2020

    Seniors of the Class of 2020 gather for the first sunrise of their final high school year.


     New on TDHS - Newsletters for the

    2019-20 School Year

    Riverhawk News

    Want to keep up with all the important news and activities at TDHS? 

    Just click on the School Newsletter link in the upper left side of our page to read the latest edition of the Riverhawk News.  Prior editions of the newsletter are also available from the next link "Prior School Newsletters" on the left side of the page.


     Principal: Kurt Evans

    Vice Principal: Phil Williams

    Athletic Director/Vice Principal: Matt Morgan

    Main Phone Line:  541-506-3400

    ATTENDANCE LINE - 541-506-3449 Ext. 2009 (Hablamos Español)

    Counseling Office Fax: 541-506-3402



    NWCSD is an Equal Opportunity educator and employer.

    NWCSD es un empleador y educador con igualdad de oportunidades laborales y educativas.

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