Inclement Weather - Delay & Closure Information

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    When classes are delayed or canceled due to inclement weather, notifications
    will be announced in these locations:
    • Flashalert.net  (Please note:  We are listed as North Wasco County SD 21 on the TV banners)
    • District 21 Website Home page
    • Twitter (@NWCSD21)
    • KACI - AM 1300 / FM 93.5
    • KYYT - (Y102) FM 102.3
    • KODL - AM 1440 / FM 99.1
    • KIHR -  AM 1340 (Hood River) / FM 98.3 

    You may also check the voice mail message at the individual schools:


    Updates are also available at:

    • NWCSD21 - District Office 506-3420
    • Transportation Department 506-3430


    Inclement Weather Transportation Snow Route Information:


    When we have a 2-hour delay day: 

    • No breakfast in the class room served
    • Elementary schools will start at 9:55 am for students grades K - 5th (CES, DH and CW). 

    • Middle School & Wahtonka Community School students will start at 10:00 am (If a delay falls on a Late Start Wednesday, school will start at 10:00 am as normal)

    • The Dalles High School students will start at 10:15 am.  (If a delay falls on a Late Start Wednesday, school will start at 10:15 am as normal)

    • Mosier Community School students will start at 9:30 am.

    • Bus transportation will be adjusted to the delayed start time, please have your students at their bus stop exactly 2 hours later than their regular pick up time.  (i.e. 7:33 am becomes 9:33 am)  NO DOUBLE RUNS WILL BE MADE.


    Map of Rt. 14 & Rt. 16 showing inclement weather travel routes



    Route 10:

    All students who live on Dry Hollow Lane will need to meet the bus at the intersection of Dry Hollow Lane and Dry Hollow Road.


    Route 11: 
    Route 11 will not stop at 4035, 4255 - these students will catch the bus at 3773 at the bottom of Pleasant Ridge at 8:53 AM.
    Route 14: 

    Buses will make a loop picking up students at intersections of:

    *State Road & Mosier Creek

    *State Road & Carroll Road

    *State Road & Root Road

    *State Road & Marsh Cut-Off

    *Marsh Cut-Off & Hwy 30

    Buses will travel back to Mosier Community School to pick up students and then will travel to The Dalles.



    Route 16:

    Buses will travel 7-Mile & State Road to Mosier Community School and then back to The Dalles via 7-Mile.  For safety reasons some stops will be eliminated, including; Mt. View Dr. (p/u at 7 Mile High), Richard Rd. (p/u at Dry Creek Rd.), Dell Rd. (p/u at Fire Station), 5760 7 Mile Rd. (p/u at 5868 7 Mile Rd.).


    Severe Weather:During severe weather or in the case of unexpected circumstances, Rt 14 and Rt 16 buses will travel to Mosier Community School via I-84 and wait until 9:15 am and then travel to The Dalles.  If the weather is too severe to travel, cancellations will be posted on the District's website, announced through radio stations and available on FlashAlert.net.     



    As per District policy, an excused absence will be accepted by the District

    if parents choose to keep their student home.