• Bus Safety Information 

    (Please NOTE:  This video is created by the Salem Keizer School District in Salem, Oregon.
    For information about North Wasco County School District's Bus Routes
    please contact our Transportation Dept at 541-506-3430 or click here for route information) 
    Rules Governing Pupils Riding School Busses
    OAR 581-53-010


    1. Students being transported are under authority of the bus driver;

    2. Fighting, wrestling or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus;

    3. Students will use the emergency door only in case of emergency;

    4. Students will be on time for the bus, both morning and evening;

    5. Students will not bring firearms, weapons or other potentially hazardous material on the bus;

    6. Students will not bring animals, except approved assistance guide animals, on the bus;

    7. Students will remain seated while bus is in motion;

    8. Students may be assigned seats by the bus driver;

    9. When necessary to cross the road, students will cross in front of the bus or as instructed by the bus driver;

    10. Students will not extend their hands, arms or heads or objects through bus windows;

    11. Students will have written permission to leave the bus other than for home or school;

    12. Students will converse in normal tones; loud or vulgar language is prohibited;

    13. Students will not open or close windows without permission of the driver;

    14. Students will keep the bus clean and must refrain from damaging it;

    15. Students will be courteous to the driver, fellow students and passersby;

    16. Students who refuse to promptly obey the directions of the driver or refuse to obey regulations may forfeit their privilege to ride on the buses.

    In addition, the following are local regulations which will ensure a safe ride for all:
    1. Large, bulky items (i.e., musical instruments, skateboards, scooters) which cannot be safely held on the student’s lap and/or extend above the lower window sill in the understorage area or behind the modesty panel or securely fastened on the floor in designated areas shall not be transported on a school bus;

    2. Students shall ride only their designated bus;

    3. Students shall not deface private property or cause problems at their designated school bus stop;

    4. Tape recorders, portable radios or other devices capable of transmitting sound shall not be operated on a bus;

    5. Items lost on a school bus will be held on the bus for three days, whereupon they will be turned in to the lost and found at the school office;

    6. Students shall wait six feet back from curb, where possible, from edge of road or other area where the bus loads, and shall not proceed toward the bus until driver opens the door;

    7. Pushing, shoving, crowding shall not be tolerated by the driver while loading or unloading. Students waiting to board a bus which has students unloading shall wait until all students are off;

    8. Permission to ride on a one time basis may be granted to district students who normally do not ride the bus when seating is available and the student has a note from his/her parent;

    9. Students shall not possess, use, distribute or sell tobacco, alcohol or unlawful drugs at any time while on district property, while participating in school-sponsored activities or while being transported on district vehicles, including district-approved transportation.

    Students who violate bus rules of conduct may be denied the use of district transportation.