• What is TAG?
    The State of Oregon passed the Talented and Gifted Education Act during the 1987 legislative session.  The mandate is based on sound principles and research regarding the academic and social needs of Talented and Gifted students. The law speaks directly to assessing and teaching to the individual needs of students. However, it should be noted that the OR TAG mandate is unfunded; therefore, while each school district in the state is mandated to provide TAG services, each district has autonomy over how their TAG program is staffed and funded. This accounts for the vast differences in how districts across the state address TAG.
    In North Wasco County School District, we have worked hard to build a TAG program that will enrich both the academic and social experiences of our students. TAG students in grades K-8 are provided with a Personalized Education Plan (PEP); a document created by their teacher(s) and the district TAG coordinator, which outlines the student's rate/level of learning and describes modification and differentiation options made available to them in the classroom. Students' PEPs are reviewed and renewed annually through 8th grade. High school TAG students have access to accelerated curriculum options, both on and off campus (AP, honors, CGCC classes) as well as online (North Wasco Virtual Academy). Enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom are offered to TAG students throughout the school year, and each month the main TAG web page is updated with exciting local events and activities to appeal to TAG students' curiosity and creativity.
    TAG Identifications, Explained:

    Intellectually Gifted (IG) 

    What is it?
    Students who are identified as IG have scored in the 97th percentile and above on a state-approved nationally normed test of learned reasoning ability.
    How is it determined?
    NWCSD administers a district-wide IG screening test called the Cog-AT (Cognitive Abilities Test) to all students in the spring of their second grade year. Based on the results of this screener, students are given the opportunity to continue in the IG testing process by completing the full version of the Cog-AT. Students who score in the 97th percentile and above on the full test are determined to be Intellectually Gifted and qualify for TAG services.
    *Note: Students can be nominated for TAG via the online nomination form at any time, and at any grade. Students who are nominated for TAG will be given the Cog-AT screener on an individual basis, and depending on their screener score, may proceed on to the full test and potential TAG-IG identification.

    Academically Talented in Math or Reading ( AT-M or AT-R)

    What is it? 
    Students who are identified as AT-M and/or AT-R have scored at or above the 97th percentile on the statewide standardized English/Language Arts and/or Math test (SBAC), or have scored at or above the 97th percentile on the Cog-AT Verbal and/or Quantitative battery.
    How is it determined? 
    Statewide testing for all students using the Smarter Balanced Test begins in the spring of their 3rd grade year. Once scores become available, they are reviewed by the district TAG Coordinator, and students whose scores are at or above the 97th percentile will be reviewed for TAG qualification. Alternatively, students testing for TAG-IG whose composite score on all 3 test batteries is below the IG range may still qualify as AT if their Verbal and/or Quantitative battery scores are at or above the 97th percentile.

    Potential to Perform (IG/PP or AT/PP)

    What is it?
    Students who are identified as TAG - Potential to Perform have demonstrated a potential to perform at or above the 97th percentile by scoring in the 94th-96th percentile on either the Cog-AT or SBAC and through the evaluation of other objective and subjective measures.
    How is it determined?
    Students may demonstrate a potential to perform at or above the 97th percentile by scoring in the 94th-96th percentile range on the complete battery of Cog-AT tests (verbal, quantitative, non-verbal). Students who score in the 94th-96th percentile on the reading and/or math portions of the SBAC and in the Verbal and/or Quantitative Battery of the Cog-AT are determined to have the potential to perform at or above the 97th percentile in that subject area (or areas). The TAG Committee makes their final determination on a student's PP status by considering their performance on normed tests such as the Cog-AT and SBAC, as well as local assessments, classwork, and subjective data gathered from teachers and parents.
    Please Contact our TAG Coordinator
    Sonja Little
    541-506-3410, ext 3303
    FAX: 541-296-2358
    3601 West 10th Street
    The Dalles, OR 97058