• Internet Student Safety Curriculum

    Protecting Students in the 21st century

    Our new internet safety curriculum is a comprehensive, online internet safety program that involves students, teachers, and parents. We want our students be safe online.  In addition to the online curriculum and training lessons, the program includes assessments, quizzes, and a safety pledge for students, safety plans for teachers, and a self-assessment and resources for parents.

    The program offers curriculum and training on the following topic areas:

    • Staying safe from online predators
    • Preventing and dealing with cyber bullying
    • Avoiding inappropriate sites
    • Recognizing and handling internet addiction
    • Sharing online videos safely
    • Protecting computer data
    • Surfing the web safely
    • Protecting credit card information (online auctions and shopping)
    • Avoiding identity theft
    • Staying safe with online gaming
    • Recognizing internet and email scams and frauds
    • Identifying internet hoaxes
    • Staying away from online gambling
    • Staying safe while using chatrooms, IMs, and Email
    • Understanding dangers in newsgroups, bulletin boards, and online forums
    • Blogging safely
    • Using cell phones safely and avoiding "sexting"
    • Keeping information private and staying safe on social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Recognizing dangers of downloading sites
    • Learning about viruses, malware, and adware
    • Staying safe and legal using peer-to-peer networks
    • Avoiding plagiarism and citing sources properly
    • Avoiding unethical practices involving copyrights and paper mills
    • Using monitoring and filtering tools (for parents and teachers only)
    Click the link below for a video showing the benefits of the curriculum.
    Click on the link below to go straight to our version of the program.  Contact Technology for a User ID and a Password.