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    The start of this school year is like no other I've experienced in education since I started full time in 1986.  Never have we started a year with no children in the building.  Never have we started a year where teachers would reach out to students from a distance to teach them.  We all long for a time when the campus will be lively with students bustling from classes, playing on the playground, and greeting staff and fellow students enthusiastically.
    However, begin this way we must.  All teachers and staff members are working hard to make this a good year.  Distance learning takes its toll on those delivering it, those trying to gain from it, and those supervising it.  But we will do well, and this season will pass.
    I look forward to visiting with you in the next few weeks via internet meetings and meetings we have in person.  We are all in this "education moment" together.  I look forward also to the gains we all will make.  My technological expertise is growing a bit, as are those of staff, students, and I imagine, even parents.  This experience will improve classroom teaching as the advantages of technology are added into the day or should they prove unhelpful, taken away.  I appreciate the level of engagement I see in families.  A number of people around town are creating "pods" in which several students will work together to focus on their education.  Parents are exchanging times when they supervise their children's education.  I see the community reaching out to help.  I am thankful for this.
    It will be interesting to see how this year will be remembered.  I hope it will be a positive learning time for all teachers, staff, students, and families.


    December 9, 2019

    This has been a busy year with much learning happening at Colonel Wright Elementary School.  

    Last Thursday evening, our gymnasium was full of parents and family members of Grades K-3 as they shared their “Holiday of Lights”.  It was a wonderful turnout and every chair in the gym was filled.  Ramona Harwood led the Troubadours, and grades K-3 in songs about the season, gratitude, and being a change in the world.

    Since last writing in this column, students have participated in a walk-a-then under the guidance of the Parent Teacher organization.  The winners were able to “silly string” the principal and Mr. Conklin, our PE teacher.  Students also participated in a cross-country completion with other elementary schools and Colonel Wright brought home the trophy.

    We have had many “firsts” of the year : our first report cards, our first Parent Teacher Conferences, and our first Family Night where we had “passports” to visit other countries.  

    As we head into this holiday season and a time of year when illnesses happen,  please stay healthy.  Yes, every day at school matters.  We learn so much.  We also need to stay well.  Have a wonderful rest of this year.

     September 16, 2019

    Colonel Wright Elementary School is now in its third week of school.  It has been a busy time!  Students have visited the different areas of the school to learn expectations.  They have experience two fire drills—one on Friday the 13th with a full moon and the other unexpected. They have handled both of these quite well.  Students have met their teachers and have quickly adjusted to the change from summer to school and from summer to fall.

    At Colonel Wright Elementary School there is an emphasis on respect, responsibility, and safety. We want to treat everyone—adults and students with kindness.  We hope to have students present at school daily because “Every Day Matters”. We know that when students are in school they learn and grow in their skills.  Much happens in the classroom daily and each skill learns builds upon another.  

    As a new administrator in the district, I am constantly learning.  I welcome visits from the community and involvement in the school.  Please know that your children are valuable to us.  We hope to provide the best education for them.